Make Sure to Get Your Vaccine in Your Non-Flying Arm

Howdy everyone, just wanted to pass along some friendly advice that I just learned today… If you’re getting the jab- get it in your non-flying arm.

I booked the weekend for flying after getting my second dose in case I had side-effects. Figured it would be a good way to pass the time…Ouch. It isn’t.

I fly with both of my hands.


It’s like ignoring ATC instructions in the hope that everyone else doesn’t.


I’ll try to remember that in 2023 when it’s finally my turn :wink:


Had my vaccine 3 days ago, the Astra Zeneca one. Apart from feeling a little bit weary the next day and having a slightly bruised feeling to the arm there’s no other side effects.
Certainly had no problems flying, just had to have a day off of my normal 5000 press ups :wink:
As to those who don’t think they should take it, lets just hope Darwin is watching.


I wish I can get the vaccine as possible… But no, as a healthy adult, I have to wait for my turn in the last phase of the vaccine rollout.

I wanna go home to my home country, it’s been over a year away from my gf and family.


Well I’d imagine we all want to get back to some normality. I just want to get back to trips in the UK to see my friends, having a few beers in the local pub, shopping without masks etc… Sadly even with vaccination I think this is still going to be quite some time before that happens.

It will be even longer if people refuse to get vaccinated and in some cases refuse to follow the social distancing measures already in place.


I commute to work by train, on a rota, and pretty much every day I see students on the train who don’t believe the have to wear masks. I ended up taking photos of them all, and told them to put their masks on. They complained, but did it anyway.

I think the threat of me positing their mugs on Facebook or something was what persuaded them. :joy:


I just want to get on a real plane, first year ever in my life not gone on holiday, normally go 4 times a year…thank goodness for MSFS…its given me a few Ideas where to travel to next :grin: had both my jabs…my passport out.

in winland only elders get that vaccine and youngsters need to wait probably years to come so no need to worry painful hand here at least

I’ve had 1st and 2nd Pfizer shots, no major reaction. Everyone should get the shots because some people can carry the virus and not know it. Then they can pass it on to loved ones or strangers. We don’t have to deal with Polio, Typhoid, Smallpox etc because EVERYONE got vaccinated! In the future most countries will require a vaccination record for travel too…

You could try telling the nurse to inject you somewhere else. Tell her you can fly whilst standing.

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