Make Tropical Sea Water Color Accurate (Turquoise)

If you fly over the Bahamas or Caribbean or anywhere you’d expect that amazing turquoise water color of the shallows and corral reef areas, you currently won’t see this at all. It’s all just the same dark blue. Can’t tell I’m even in the tropics.
The cinematic trailers announcing MSFS 2020 before it came out had these beautiful turquoise waters, but I can’t seem to find them in the actual game.

Please make the water beautiful!

Is your Bing streaming data turned off? The water should not be the same dark blue everywhere, even in areas where they didn’t hand craft the reef and shallow textures (know as water masking) the water color should at least change even if the detail is missing.

I have been flying in the Caribbean a lot. The water looks amazing, tons of water masks too. OP probably your Bing data is OFF.

Aruba looks really bad without tropical sea water, is not Turquoise… not fun landing there.

You can find such spots on this site, then you copy the coordinates and paste them in the world map and see for yourself. Not every place is covered but some indeed are.

I hope globally the water colours are tweaked.

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