Make turbulence close to real life as possible

But MSFS does :grinning:

Not what i meant. What i mean when im flying im using navigraph. Which btw if meteoblue is that far off from wsi opitma, foreflight, and navigraph then its time for MS and Asobo to have a good long talk about canceling the contract and going with someone else. Like allisonhouse :slight_smile:

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Additionally it would be hard to simulate actual ground mechanical turbulence as every surface is slightly different and heats and releases heat differently. Trees, concrete, asphalt, etc. Not to mention each one of these are different everywhere in the world. Think about how many different colours of asphalt are in one stretch of 10km Highway.… Imho

Mainly EDR i think base is 3000ft if im not mistaken. Ground turbulence is gonna depend on so many factors and that itself is just not feasible but my recommendation and inquiry very much is.