Make up hours flown

Can the hours made after lost due to a reinstallation be recovered?

It should be stored in your profile, so it’ll be reinstated when you log in.

Mind you, I’m happy to be corrected on that.

Hi @HideousLight20!
This and other settings are stored in the cloud and will resync when you reinstall with your same gamertag/account.

I lost like 400 hours of flight time when reinstalling. It never synced or recovered that time from the cloud.
(Steam version).


In theory, or in a perfect world, your data should be synced in the cloud.
But just as the poster above, i too lost all my logbook hours after reinstall (also steam version), And no way to get them back.

Its too bad, but they are only numbers, just keep enjoying the flying and scenery.

It might be in your packages folder somewhere, too; after all, you can use the sim offline.

All I know is, when I reinstalled a while ago, I’d backed up my packages folder and didn’t lose a thing.

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