Make VR startup easier

I have MSFS 2020 on Steam.
A year ago VR was flawless - just load FS abd Ctrl+Tab to go to VR.
Now, after certain updates everything is truly devastating. Launching FS first, then VR doesn’t work, you have to launch Steam VR first. Then when you do, you see FS in VR, but there is a Steam VR menu window that can’t be switched off, so you can’t play. Also the Oculus window pops up and if you close it, FS closes too. 3 (Three) different programs you have to pipeline in perfect order to play. Maybe it’s just for me, but anyway, a Big Request to make VR easy to start (like it was before).
Thank you! The best sim/game otherwise!

This seems to be a Steam VR issue more than a MSFS one.
I use VR with a WMR setup and the only thing I have to do is CTRL-TAB, like you say it was.


Install OpenXR, set it as the default runtime in SteamVR, uninstall SteamVr and you’re good to go.


Thank you a lot! It worked perfectly!