Making changes to airport by 3rd party devs


I am looking to make a few improvements to EKCH by FlyTampa… Just minor adjustments of missing elements. The Airport has large piles or mounts of dirt now overgrown with grass and bushes surrounding the airport and are very close to and visible for runways and taxiways… All of theese are not a part of this airport package and so I was thinking it should be fairly easy to add thoose myself with terraforming in the SDK.

I am new to the SDK though and are looking for the simplest route to achieving this without going to SDK school for a week.

So the question.

Would the best way be to load the airport package in the SDK, do the terraforming there and save? (I know it would be reset in future updates to the airport) ??

I think making it as its own project wouldn’t work since it would be excluded by the airport scenery.

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Made it its own package and gave the terrain higher priority… seemed to work :slight_smile: