Making Dev Q&A threads stand out more in the thread list?

Is there some way for the moderators or community managers to make the Dev Q&A threads stand out more in the thread list, maybe append “Dev Q&A:” to each topic title or something like that?

Reason for asking is that many people (maybe most?) scan the Latest, New, or Top lists at the top of the forum for threads of interest and it is very easy to overlook the small font category under the topic title. It results in Dev Q&A threads turning into general discussion threads, which therefore end up in the wrong category and are lost when the Dev Q&A is over, or well meaning comments to “please search for this issue before starting a duplicate thread”.


Hi @FlyingBear01.

Thanks for the feedback, we can definitely change the colour of the topic square from the blue used across the forums to another colour. It would look something like this:

On the latest, new and category feed:

Top of the topic:

Yeah that’s a good idea, maybe that will help. Thanks!

Moderators can’t make that change, but I’ll pass the request on to a community manager tomorrow.

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The change mentioned above has been done, hopefully it helps.

We could look at doing something more complicated in the future if needed, but it becomes a manual thing and a real pain.

Agree with this

Just nitpicking, but can it have a different colour? :smiley:

The same yellow as your mod badge would bland in much better with the rest of the ui, while still being very noticeable.

One of our lovely CMs has edited the colour again to a Yellow.

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