Making modifications to offical aircraft - community folder confusion


I would either like to be able to create a package which

  1. introduces a new aircraft with slightly modified .js files - for example modifying the builtin registration.js file. Ideally I would like to just include the modified files, and not have to duplicate all the files from the original plane.
  2. modify the existing aircraft - but via the community folder, so that modifications are not lost when updating, and so the original files are not modified.

Are either of these possible? Or do I need to introduce a completely new aircraft?

I guess the root of my confusion is the dependency of packages upon each other and the precedence of community packages over the official ones? IE If I create a package that marks the asobo-c152 as a dependency what consequence does this have, and can the files contained in that dependency be overwritten or modified with versions contained in my new package.

If you take a look at the G36 Improvement Project, they do what you want to do, so I’d use that as a guide.

G36 Fixes and Improvements - Aircraft / Propellers/Twin-Props - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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