Malaga LEMG Spain missing runway 13-31

LEMG missing runway 13-31

Voted. Did you reported it to Zendesk?

answered this in another thread about this:

Looks lovely on google. Its the most heavily used commercial runway at Malaga. Lets hope it gets looked at and sorted. Thanks for the info Mort :+1:t2:

With today’s update we finally have Málaga airport (LEMG), but with two major errors:
1.- The 31-13 runway is not included.
2.- As we approach runway 30 there is a tall building that prevents a correct approach.
3.- The Trebujena aerodrome (LETJ) is not included, neither is the MorĂłn de La Frontera air base (LEMO) and the Badajoz airport (LEBZ).
Hoping that they will be included soon, I sincerely greet you.


Also there are some buildings on the taxiway…

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Please file a ticket on Zendesk (link at top of page) so the developers can know about it. Thank you! :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

OKAY. Thanks for the info, I will!

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good in the simulator malaga airport comes with a single runway instead of 2 which are the ones it has please update that because it is one of the most important airports in the world

This is very subjective. I never even heard of this airport until you mentioned it and I had to google to see what the airport looks like.

I could also argue that WIII Jakarta is one of the most important airports since it’s strategically located between two oceans and two continents… Yet I’m sure no work will be done there because I know nobody cares about the SEA region and we don’t have enough simmers coming from that region to even be considered.

Well, Indonesia was one of my favourite places to fly in p3d, and MSFS now. As a matter of fact, I think that WIII is not that bad in MSFS, and I hope that perhaps Binersim will release a version for MSFS. I bought their WIHH and WITT from onesimstore, and you can find a few good freeware there such as WAPP by MAX.

OK, back to topic now, sorry for my intervention.

Currently WIII is just as well as any other default AI-generated airports. They’re fine. And I do know Binersim is working on WIII for MSFS. I already bought WITT and I just realised WIHH is released 6 hours ago (and you already got it? Wow you’re fast) which I’m gonna get as well.

WADD is coming from Aerosoft so I think I’m pretty settled flying around the region.

I could also say the same about ZKPY. The runway used in the Sim is no longer the current active runway. And the current active runway in real life which has a working ILS in the sim, is not considered as a runway in the sim other than a block of concrete with X painted on them. The airport doesn’t even have lights.

When it comes to airport fixes. I don’t think we’re going to get anything for the default non-handcrafted ones. Asobo’s pretty busy with improving the flight dynamics, autopilot systems, avionics, and SDK improvements. Rather than fixing a single airport or any other airports out there if 3rd party can do with through the improved SDK. So I wouldn’t get my hopes up. The best thing we can hope from is the 3rd party payware or community mods that would improve LEMG with the missing runway.

Yesterday I flew for first time in FS2020 to Málaga LEMG, and I was surprised when only found available aproaches to RWY 12 on A32nx MCDU .
On final app only see one rwy. Missing 31/13.
Is one of the most importants airports in Spain.

I suspect we have to wait for freeware or payware LEMG scenery add ons.

Actually it’s only the fourth most important airport in Spain but the OP must live near it I reckon.

Any update about the runway 13/31 of this airport ?

I saw in another thread someone commented LEMG was blurred on Bing maps due to mixed civilian/military use. Just had a look and runway 13-31 is blurred, so that’s probably it hasn’t been picked up by the AI as a runway.

This has been known for a while. Bing Maps is the basis for visual depiction of airports. Beyond that, MS, like Google, has to honor nation-state and official agency notices to under detail areas of sensitivity, which is why certain parts of the world will never be developed fully in the sim. If it’s blurred out online in Maps, it also will be in stock sim unless overridden by some third party Mod.

Honestly, I don’t understand how the 4th most important airport by air traffic in Spain doesn’t have an airport with minimum characteristics. The only track used in reality (13/31) is not present in MSFS2020. I also don’t understand the reason why LEMG is not sold by some third party developer. Something happens.

It should be easy for OP or anyone so concerned about this travesty of justice to learn the Asobo SDK and whip up a decent mod to add the missing functionality.

Hopefully it comes with WU8 Iberia.