Male/Female ATC/Co-Pilot voice choice

I am using ATC in windows offline mode, and have added some IVONA voices, (all TTS compatable) into windows 10 and set this voice as windows default . It appears that MSFS2020 is ignoring it, still giving me a US dialect

It would also be nice to have the option to specify male or female or both for ATC generally and as your co pilot

I prefer a male co-pilot voice (and no, I’m not being sexist before anyone jumps in!)

Different voices, way more variety. Even regional inflections


If it could use the pilot avatar we pick to select the voice, that would be nice. Plus give us more variety in avatars.

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It’s not that it breaks immersion or anything, but it is a bit strange that my Avatar is a male, and have a female voice :slight_smile: (yeah, I know it’s 2020, but still :smiley: )

A wider range of voices for ATC, AI and “real time” pilots, would be great. I turned off Azure voices, because it’s always the same for both pilots and ATC…

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Weird I only get a male voice for my avi. :frowning:

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I have 7 voices installed, and I think the game just choses randomly from them, and then just changes the pitch and speed of the voices…

Just wish I could change my pilot or co-pilots voices…


if you got pilot2atc from your prevous sim use it.better variety voices and realistic atc :grinning:

Featured added.

  • ATC voice gender is now based on the avatar of the pilot/copilot.

where do i get extra voices from?

Feature implemented in patch