Malware warning when installing mandatory update after sim reinstall

Hi everyone,

After a clean and fresh install of Windows 10 following the impossibility for me to resinstall MFS from the Xbox Game Pass (known issue apprently), the virus warning concerning the files mentionned above popped.

As it was still in my Intervention’s history, I authorized it from there, then add AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator\ AND XboxGames\Microsoft Flight Simulator\ folders in the exclusion’s list.
My updates are still going on, but I’ll keep you guys updating about the process, and if there are some of these slow lauches flagged by some of you and/or if it laucnhes the same update again and again.

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Im having the same issue. Im not on steam. Im using my game pass from MS. Same virus warnings.
Screenshot 2023-03-20 194231

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Here is a screenshot of the in-app error.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Yes, but Bladabindi as backdoor.

Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

Windows malware protection alerting of Bladabindi backdoor when installing update for airport KFFA “KFFA First flight airport”.

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:


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I faced the same problem while installing mfs on the computer. Should I be afraid of this? Does this file really contain a virus?
Ekran Alıntısı flight

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I’ve just reinstalled MSFS and got an “installation failed” message.
On checking, I see that MS Defender threw it out with a trojan virus…

What do I do now?

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same issue here ms defender clear the package

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For now, disable MS Defender while installing MSFS.

Hm, I’d be very careful with such advice. Adding folder/app exceptions to WD, maybe, but I would not recommend disabling it completely, unless the user has other means of shielding their PC/Windows. Plus, I’d much rather have Asobo/Microsoft fix a bug they created “in-house” than having users do potentially unsafe actions.


No problem. Do as you wish.

For me, I temporarily disabled Windows Defender while installing MSFS. Then re-enable when done.

I was not suggesting to disable it full time.

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This issue should be mitigated for users impacted with the next 24 hours. If you are still experiencing this issue by tomorrow, please report back here. Thanks!

Configure an Exclusion for the huge MSFS folder ( and others huge games ), is an old recommendation within the forum ( its also not the first time, the windows defender itself blocks parts of MSFS and other games ).

Then let check the excluded folders from time to time , scheduled or manually.

That should be sufficent for users which use its PC “in a normal way”.

I also have mine excluded but it’s very easy to scan your files manually. Mine look ok but then I haven’t downloaded the latest definitions yet. I’m not convinced by the false positive theory so whether there is or isn’t a virus remains to be seen.

a virus which only determined by the windows defender :rofl:

Microsoft owns the code and often finds malware and exploits before others do … we shall see

the right hand does not know what the left hand do, these company is to big and its not how such a ‘virus scanner’ works :slight_smile: ( and I thought developers is asobo )… Its just a RegExp Pattern, or what else, which randomly match. I just wonder, by all that terrabytes we download in games, that this will not happens more often. If there is a virus, now “million” of ‘not windows defender owners’, have it now it its pc ( inkl. me :rofl: ).

Maybe but there’s two, the trojan and the backdoor which strikes me as more than coincidence. Maybe the producer of KFFA tried to save money by using free ‘cracked’ software when creating it. That type of scenario happens a lot and is a major speader of new viruses.

Interesting…innnteresting. Because what had me a tad suspicious was the fact that it’s the same file (KFFA) that was also flagged in November 2022, although only reported by one user (see post linked to above). I’ll leave WD on, thanks :grin:

Hi. Thank you very much for your advice.
That was my next question… but you’ve answered it for me.
I’ll reenable WDefender once everything is installed.

Do you think Asobo will fix the bug?

It should be fixed by tomorrow. I believe the issue is on Microsoft side and not Asobo.