Mandatory update 106.40GIB ! After I have already all the SUs and WUs

I have to return to this problem, if someone could help me:

Last time I used MSFS was on Monday and all was ok, like it has been for me since 08/20. No re-installations, very few CTDs etc. Yesterday I had some spare time and decided to fly. Now, after checking for updates, it requires me to update 106GB… What has happened? I tried again after rebooting several times, but I’m still stuck in this situation: Mandatory update, 106.40 GIB.

Is there a way to repair the situation? I have FBW A320 installed as well as AIG and couple of sceneries. And I am a Game Pass-user. Version



It looks like the game has a broken reference to the installation folder. Did you install it on the default location the first time, or did you point to a custom installation path?

On the default location.