Mandatory Update has broken YMML 34

Edit ::: I have found that the issue only occurs when Live Traffic is enabled. It’s as tho something about the traffic is triggering a function where I can only spawn at runway 16. Choosing any other runway still results in me spawning at 16. Disable the RealTime traffic, and the problem seems to go away.

Issue: Following a mandatory update, whenever I select YMML runway 34, I keep getting started at 16. It’s doing exactly the same thing on 2 installations of MSFS on different PCs.

My community folder is empty, and everything is up to date.

The crazy thing is that occasionally it works as expected but 4 out of 5 tries it throws me to 16, even though I select 34. Edit ::: this may be because the RealTime traffic conditions are different each time I fly.

Anyone got similar issues?

I have a similar problem since the Dec 19th 23 small mandatory update.
When selecting LIML RW 36 for IFR flight plan I cannot choose the SID from RW36 or RW18 .This SID aren’t available anymore since this update. I did a flight just minutes before and it was ok.

I restored my official folder from a backup (yes I have it all backed up) but the problem remains.

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This is probably your issue.
From the SU 14 release notes:


  • Added flight plan assistance setting for ATC in the user experience assistance settings so that users can request the ATC to favor their flight plan or world map flight settings over the current conditions. This assistance is set to “Active” by default. Active: ATC will set the active runway and approach for the departure and arrival airport based on the users flight plan or settings in the world map. Deactivated: ATC will set the active runway and approach based on current conditions only.

Smart!! Unfortunally I don’t have it.

It should be related to.However , this doesn’t explain the missing SID and STARS that used to be there…Always been there for RW18 RW 36. Actually you can choose RW 36 for VFR flight direct dep. only.

You are absolutely correct, it would not explain those, but that is off topic for this thread!

Sorry for that . I’ve just opened a new topic.

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The runway-idents at LIML are changed in real from 18/36 to 17/35 and the MSFS disable the terminal procedures, when procedures can´t be assigned to existing runways.

Means, the scenery in MSFS is outdated and shows the old runway-idents 18/36 but in the navdata the terminal procedures contains the new runway idents 17/35 and due this day-1 “MSFS feature” you can´t select any terminal procedures.


There does appear to be several issues at play here:

But again, this is off topic, let’s get it back on track!

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Thankyou sir, the “ATC Force Flight Plan” options solves the issue.

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