Mandatory updates!

Come on man, most bugs people are reporting have nothing to do with piloting experience! Yes there’s a ton of autopilot complaints but for all intents and purposes they are being validated from others that are actual Pilots, those that are familiar with the AP of a specific craft (say the A320 Neo), and from those that had experienced normal expected behavior before the update made the behavior go crazy. To suggest the only input that is valid is that from lifelong experienced pilot’s is akin to saying a guitarist even with 30 years playing experience that is not a making a living playing guitar professionally should just shut up instead of expressing an issue with a guitar or amp or software.

Not really a valid argument. Guitars are pretty much accessible to anyone these days where as not everyone has access to a Cessna’s cockpit. Plus I can teach you how to master a Gsus chord in under 30 seconds. But using your example, I should be able to practice open heart surgery without a license just because I can remove a heart from a frog. But I seriously digress…

Not saying there aren’t any AP issues, because there are, along with other avionics issues. But unless you’ve had training on how a specific piece of equipment works or how a specific aircraft reacts in different situations, experience has everything to do with what some may perceive as a bug.

It’s simple. Having a couple of in house pilots would most likely solve a lot of the headaches quicker.

The folks at TGP miss you.

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You’re seriously going to relate performing heart surgery to giving bug input for a flight sim??? Hilarious! :rofl:

Look, I’m not sure exactly what your point is but to suggest it requires a certified Airbus pilots licenses for someone to report a bug and post video showing an A320 Neo oscillating left/right at 35000ft on AP or dozens of people reporting the engines won’t shut off is just ridiculous.

And I wouldn’t doubt at all that they do have some pilots on staff. How could you ever imagine programming avionics and aerodynamics if they didn’t?

Then you must have read past it…

I totally agree, it is absolutely crazy for users of a software title to dare to file a bug report or make a comment… Gawd, blooming customers wanting a voice, whatever next :crazy_face:

Maybe we should trust that Asobo will draw on the resources they need when they need them. In the meantime I guess we could just all try and enjoy what we have and see who can pee the highest up the forum wall.

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Please quote me where I ever said users shouldn’t be able to comment.

All I did was make a comment as to how Asobo might keep these mandatory updates from breaking more things.

Posted it sevarel times, but I think there will be no hearing at all

“Think about it. Having a bunch of unlicensed and unrated amateurs filing bug reports on a simulator? It’s quite comical. Why waste time trying to discern if a bug report is an actual bug or a red herring/user error?”

Not simple commenting but that there does suggest you feel only licensed pilots should be the only one’s allowed to file bug reports. You even say “it’s quite comical” for unlicensed pilots and unrated amateurs to file bug reports.

It’s pure speculation on my side, of course. But Asobo may also do “server side changes” which require up-to-date clients (= your FS 2020 installation). Hence the mandatory updates (perhaps).

It’s nice how you quote two words and then fill in the rest of the quote with what you want to hear. This is part of what I said.

You keep moving the goal posts, making these straw man arguments, and taking things said out of context to fit whatever point you’re trying to make.

Nobody has to be right or wrong. It’s just one person’s opinion. If you can’t comprehend that, then I feel sorry for you.

Two words? I quoted your full paragraph which you then requoted but with less content than I did. :rofl: And don’t feel sorry for me, no need. I feel sorry for your poor reading comprehension and absurd suggestion that only licensed pilots should be submitting bug reports. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :+1:

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Sorry, but this statement is totally hyperbole. I had a perfect ILS approach yesterday on Zurich Kloten (Switzerland), runway 28, with the latest FS 2020 update, in the stock A320neo.

Conveniently leaving out the world ‘simulator’ which puts the whole thing in context. But thanks for playing. Have a good weekend.

Jup, I went through the long list I’ve reported via Zendesk yesterday and not a single thing got fixed since release.The only thing changed has been the graphics going back and forward with the night lighting…

I doubt most bug reports are concerning aircraft and technical matters though, if I look in the top bugs and wishlists it is primarily eye-candy.

I have added annoying bugs which are in there from the start, and those things just don’t get any votes.

To give an example the lateral flight director mode keeps commanding wings level when flying with autopilot OFF on every MSFS aircraft no matter the active lateral mode.

RMIs / bearing pointers giving bearings towards localiser antennas which is impossible in real life. Those kind of things apparently go completely unnoticed…

Oh come on now and calm down a bit - you are using semantics now. My reply was intentionally tongue in cheek and broad. Why not reposond to the rest of my reply instead of the word ‘comment’ alone? No need to be defensive - just debate your case or be a good guy and concede (not to me but to Rev20105189…)

You are absolutely right you did not say customers should not be able to comment and you have my most sincere apologies for my dire misinterpretation of the obvious meaning.

A quite fair interpretation of your ‘comical’ comment is that I as a member of the ‘bunch’ (bit offensive, you don’t know me or my capabilities). I get your point but the language you use is a tad elitist don’t you think, get folks backs up?

bunch of unlicensed and unrated amateurs

So answer me this clearly if you will, do you maintain it is ‘comical’ when a user of a title feels the need to report what he/she considers to be a bug using the facilities provided for this purpose by the developers of said title?

Purely out of interest, are you a rated and currently licensed pilot yourself?

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Not a pilot in real life, nor do I masquerade as one online. I’m just another armchair pilot wanting Asobo to solve these problems as efficiently as possible.

Step 1: Hire in house pilots to solve all the avionics problem quicker. Once solved…

Step 2: Re-engage the community for any all other fixes such as feature requests, graphics, navigation data, etc.

I can’t put it any simpler than that. My apologies if I wasn’t clear enough in my initial post.

To keep this post relevant with the OP, I believe this would greatly help with patch stability and the mandatory updates.

Thanks for answering that, it adds context to your comments and tells me you are not one of those elites who think the sim is for them alone. Good on you!

I Agree with you but would maybe widen the net beyond pilots. Imagine if they had a partnership or input from Garmin or Bendix King etc. A few good aero engineers would be great, I guess :wink:

I think this thread tells us how invested people are in this beast and how different our ‘wants’ are.

Lunho9214, it’s been nice locking horns with you but I think we are all saying the same thing in different ways. Blue Skies to you :wink:

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I am sick and tired of having to uninstall Flight Simulator entirely for each “Mandatory Update”. Every time there’s a Mandatory Update, it alerts me in MSFS and kicks me back to the MS Store, but no updates are available. I have tried resetting the app (via Reset in Apps Manager) and simply waiting for an update to appear. When nothing happens and I’m stuck with not playing MSFS, I must do this.

The latest version I was on until this morning was After I uninstalled and reinstalled everything (minus the “Standard Content - Mandatory Update” (that I deleted when I uninstalled everything)), the update version incrememted to It’s really a shame that MSFS does not play well with the MS Store to apply updates in a smooth transparent fashion to the end user.

Please do something about this.

Download and install xbox app Restart PC Launch xbox app and sign in. Recheck for updates in microsoft store app