Manhattan by night

Just a few quick shots around Manhattan and JFK.

I HIGHLY recommend Queenstown, New Zealand to Milford Sound. It’s a great landing and amazing scenery. Sadly I had not figured out the screenshot tool yet.

Also while I’m here… LOVE it so far! I am more than a little eager for a replay function, which quite frankly is essential.


Lights on the those buildings (first picture)… so unnatural, and same, repeating process from one building to another… Photogrammetry problem. Let’s see how they will solve this problem…

I dunno… I gotta give some flexibility when they are building an entire world via autogen and satellite imagery.

As a long time simmer I can definitely confirm it is far superior to the wire-frames I started flying with in FS2.0.

Frankly… it is sufficient detail to make places you know feel familiar, you can easily navigate in 3D space using just visual queues and most importantly… it’s immersive.

I for one, am happy, no ecstatic with the final look, especially the atmospherics. Just look at the shots below from my local area… and the weather/lighting did look just like that. That bottom shot was having found that highway and using it to navigate to my destination. So yeah, I think the sim is up to the job. But to each their own

There are certainly some features I NEED to see, like replay and I ma yet to see just how detailed the airliner features such as the FMC are handled.

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