Manual Cache Greyed Out

The manual cache option is not available for me. The option is greyed out.

Anyone have any ideas?

It happened to me once. Not sure why. After some flight I came back there and it was available.

Only works when you’re not flying.


Why is my ‘manual cache’ option greyed out?

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First my manual cache was greyed out too for no reason really
still got 100gb spare on SDD

Now its not greyed out BUT if I open manual cache and select a new cache region. guess what happens every single time??


This isnt even on their list - i mean they will remove ‘press any key to continue’

It´s the same with my FS2020.
It was never a problem the first weeks I used the sim.
Could create several files/sceneries in tne manual cache.
Suddenly the creating of new files fails and the sim crashes to desktop.
Could not read anything about this problem in any forums and could not find any solution.

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