Manual cache is disabled

I have a rolling cache of 100GB in my dedicated SSD for FS2020. Previously I was able to use the manual cache and create some cached areas in the SF region. This morning I deleted those caches. I also turned off rolling cache and deleted it so that I could do some testing. Now I have turned global back on and that works fine. But the manual cache button is disabled. Restarting the app has no impact on this.

Can anyone shed any light on why I cannot use the manual cache now?


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Try turning on ONLINE-Bing tab below and the photogram(whatever its called) as well.
Do it from main menu - not in flight.

Deleted my cache via explorer folder , but can be done in sim.
Disabled both till sorted.
I cant run rolling cache anyway as bandwidth too slow.

Edit, think you have to turn it on at the bottom of Data menu also.

manual cache for me didn’t show up until I created a rolling cache first. Try that.

Not sure i quite understand but…

Isnt a rolling cache the same as doing a low manual version with regard to quality?
So you first have to fly over the area with rolling cache on before you can enhance it with a higher res manual cache? Cant believe this is how it works but may try your theory.

Advice…i have about 500GB i can use.Should i set manual cache to 250 and rolling to 250GB?
The fact i cant really run a rolling cache makes me screwed then, even for making a manual s alternative.

We really need a official guide to this.

The rolling cache is a place where your MSFS stores all the necessary data actually surrounding you. No idea but possible that it’s also used to preload and cache areas further ahead of your momentarily flight vector.
The manual cache is the overall space you determine to have available for manually downloading desired areas of your interests, maybe your hometown for example, where you expect to get airborne frequently. This enables MSFS to load this area faster and without receiving all the necessary data from the internet downstream beforehand, whenever you will fly there…

So both caches serve pretty different purposes and there won’t be any magic ratio you could apply to cause any wonders.
Rolling cache is what your RAM is for your PC, your CPU cache is for the processor. It’s the amount of scenery data your MSFS is allowed to preload for your current flying.
Manual cache is your hard drive of your 1990 PC, on which you can copy all your scenery floppy disks, so that you won’t have to insert them any more all the time. Any scenery in there will remain, so it will never have to downloaded again.

3rd, most short version:
You should probably keep the Rolling cache of decent size.
You don’t have to use Manual cache at all and it won’t make a difference. If you assign some space to Manual cache you will then still have to add some areas to be downloaded into that cache. If you don’t, you effectively don’t use the Manual cache and hence assigning space to it won’t make a difference.

I understand the manual cache is for creating your own detailed areas manually.

My problem is going to be having the rolling cache running. I dont have a quick enough connection to be able to have it on AND fly.
Was hoping i could just use the manual to just do the areas i want in better quality. Albeit having to download it like adding data (scenery packs in other sims).

VapeVade said it needs a rolling cache over the area before a manual cache will take effect.

Again, not sure what to think or believe till official post or a bug/update.
(no offence to yourself for explaining - it does help and do partly understand)

If this is meant to say filling up the rolling cache with the data as a precondition to then be able to store it into the manual cache, then no, this is not the case. In the moment you define the manual cache areas, the data will be downloaded instantly, which may take some minutes.
Not sure if MFSF is then copying the manually defined areas into the rolling cache when actually flying there or if it would also work with a zero rolling cache. It certainly won’t hurt to keep the rolling cache alive.
Regarding your case it doesn’t really look feasible to kind of place manually cache data all along your next flight path. Probably it is possible but it sounds like an unbearable chore. :confused:

I already had rolling cache defined and enabled. To restore the button I had to do a reset to factory default. I spent a number of hours today testing caching in AI created scenery as well as scenery created with photogrammetry. I will post a link to my YouTube video of my findings once it’s posted for you folks who have questions here.

Yeah, sort of agree with the no need to cover the area with rolling cache first. Like you said. It may add data to the rolling cache from the sim reading it from manual instead of downloading it.

I need to try again with the rolling cache tab. I only just tried it the other day when got the game and kept rejecting my requests (go offline as too low bandwidth). So the game deactivates before can fly.

Been testing today and can get some online features, but not more than one.

What would you suggest a size for a rolling cache? Because from what i ascertain, it saves after you end the game/flight after downloading.
Took 6 hours to download a (what turned out to be a 2MiB ) manual cache file the other day.

Personally I handed over most of the free space of my “flight sim SSD” to the rolling cache.
If you really need 6 hours to download 2 MiB/MB, then you have much more serious problems than your MSFS’ rolling cache size :relaxed: :worried:
Are you sure it wasn’t 2 GB at least? I don’t think that even the tiniest chunk of area to download could cover only 2 MB…
Even if it is 6 hours for 2 GB, I think it is pretty much game over for your MSFS experiment…

I think what I was saying was misunderstood. You said the button wouldn’t light up for manual cache. I was telling you how I got my button to light up. That’s all I was saying. @Hedbonkerfs

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As didn’t know what I was doing at the time I set a manual cache at 2GB.
With the way manual cache is at the moment it doesn’t say the size if the file before you click download.
At my normal download speed I’d expected it to be 6GB but when I. View it only shows 2MB.
I don’t understand that either.

However, I did manage to get the rolling cache working and a few other online features on my slow 2 mbps connection.
Seems it maybe learning.

Know my rolling cache is small(50GB) but will probably delete as only testing.
Did take a good 5 minutes to actually create that file at the start.

Have a 1TB dedicated SSD for the cache system also. (Sim installed on another SSD with had 220GB free).
Just need to figure out how to use it.

Here is a video that talks about the fact that rolling cache does absolutely nothing but manual cache works but only on areas created with photogrammetry.

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