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I often fly the same general area ( South Central East Coast of the US) with a flight radius of about 500 miles. I was thinking of setting up a manual cache for that area. I want it to be ultra detail level. What size should I make the cache to cover the entire area? Is using a manual cache for this a good idea? I have a 120Mb internet so that’s not an issue. I just want the best performance.

You wouldn’t be able to paint an area that size before the PC stops responding. I tried an area about 60 percent of what you’d like to try and it choked. That was at Medium Quality.

What you could do is increase your Rolling Cache instead. It will retain the areas you flew over last, so if you fly over the same area again and again, it will likely be in that area, and the sim will use that first instead of Streaming it. Mine is at 32GB which covers my usual island hopping where I am.

The only time the manual cache is useful is where there’s photogrammetry. What would be your best bet if you want to cache large areas is to make several cached areas for photogrammetry areas you frequent, like areas around airports you land at and such.

In my case, I fly out of San Diego a lot, and it’s photogrammetry. I’ve got a cache for an area a couple of miles around KSAN. Ditto for Miami, since I fly out of Opa Locka a lot. I have a radius of about 2 miles around the airport cached, as well as the low level RNAV and ILS routes that lead into the airport (approaches are at 1700 ft AGL).

However, there’s no point in me doing my own home town where I also fly out of a lot, since it’s all auto-gen. Caching that is useless.

There’s this answer from the dev’s

Look at the solution at the end

How do I determine what areas are photogrammetry?

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