Manual cache UI is broken and the manual cache functionally does nothing

After a few uses the manual cache function crashes sim outright. Now I can’t open/use manual cache at all nor does system even indicate where these files are stored. My toaster comes w a manual but this sim is 10,000X more complex and I have to follow the blind leading the blind in these forums & youtube to sort this. Microsoft & Asobo should be ashamed for not even producing a basic manual showing what everything does & how it’s intended to work. Broken like all the games made these days.


Consider drawing each manual cache as a single unit, first do low setting for large area, then get closer & do medium areas over top of the first, then get very close for high details. “Paint” the entire area first & assign a label so you know which is which, then save. If you do each segment individually & save individually you’ll end up w dozens of small files which may not work very well. Also I assigned 225Gb for this cache yet it shows I have maybe 10% of that available and then shows my entire SSD as full. This is a tragicomedy now. A gong show of confusion.

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Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting. : done, still doesn’t work

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it? : no

Brief description of the issue: The cached regions in rectangles, in the manual cache interface, are moving awasy from the actual map, in a vertical parallax motion. Also, the map is distorted horizontally.

Moreover, how to lock caching to only high-res even dezoomed ? It is such a pain to super zoom to high-res cache all the time…

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered: :

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Go to the manual cache, begin a new region caching, and after 1 rectangle set, move the map. You’ll see it moving in a vertical parallax to the mouse.

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
AMD Ryzen 3900x
ASUS ROG Strix 1070ti
32Go RAM 3600MHz
FS20 installed on 1to SSD
cache size set to 30Gb on a 2to SSHD

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #? no


I am having the same issue as TheBigBobo86 - when moving the map, the grid selected for manual cache is not stationary on the map. It just awkwardly moves around when moving the map.

In addition, I encounter frequent CTDs when selection the grid - low and mid resolution is still ok, but when selecting a grid for high resolution MSFS crashes to desktop. My manual cache size is 150 GB.

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I’m having the same issue and actually made a video.

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Same… deleted all my old stuff because of the update. The “cells” move all around so there’s no way to accurately manually cache an area.

Also get CTD if you “try” to cache an area.

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Same issue in Copenhagen. When panning the grid moves independently from the map image below it. I have relatively slow Internet (5Mbps) so manual caching is the only option for me to use photogrammetry.
My previous cached regions were destroyed by the World Update 3 (UK), now I can’t recerate the manual cache.
The entire fucntionality of manual cache is non-existent now.

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Thank you. Escalated this up.

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How do i escalate this up myself?

Work for Flight Sim :slight_smile:


Perhaps you should pay better attention when reading threads, this issue is not related to CTDs and has been going on for a lot longer.

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Ah-ha! Yes it is. That’s what I get for posting late at night! LOL! Thanks for the clarification. I’ll delete my previous reply.

Today’s sim update says the CTD issue is resolved, but it says nothing of the “painted area moving in different directions” bug. Has that been resolved too?

About to test this now… will update once the 200gb cache file is “processed”…

Would be unbelievable if they fixed the CTD issue but didn’t fix the part where you can’t actually cache anything manually because it zooms all over the place / slides inaccurately everywhere.

Edit: Nope. Unbelievable. ■■■■ still moves all around the screen… but hey it doesn’t CTD! WTF WAS THE POINT?


@OlieTsubasa443 Can you raise this issue with the devs?

If the painted area moves around, how can we tell which area is actually getting cached?
Not everyone has fiber available, and the Manual Cache did a good job of mitigating that.

They asked us to delete and redo the Manual cache for the London update, due to server side tweaks, except it now can only be done almost blind.

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They have the incredible capability of destroying stuff that works while not fixing the stuff that doesn’t. Why they even messed with the manual cache UI - it was bad, but not as bad as some other parts of the sim. Now it’s unusable.


i have had the same issue for months where the map moves around the whole screen and your selection does not stay were its supposed to. I cant believe this still has not been fixed. they should just take it out if there not going to make it work.


I have a suggestion regarding the manual cache for the Asobo development team. I see very little attention being paid to it and rightfully so compared to some of the other issues you are tackling. Why not open up the code and structure to how that cache is arranged and how the data gets into it and let the external world create applications to manage it. One look at the amazing catalogue of freeware add-ons and utilities and how quickly they sprang up would give you the obvious answer to this. I’d bet it would be about a week or two before some very slick app appeared that allowed people to identify and save vast areas of manual cache with a very simplified and functional UI.

I can’t imagine any corporate secrets would be exposed in giving up this one woefully inadequate and non-functional area and would free up whatever team you have assigned to this for more important tasks.

Yeah, don’t think it’s time to close this yet…