Manual exposure. HOW?

I would like the game not to automatically control the light exposure of the game.
Right now if I look down at the plane instruments in cockpit view they are well exposed and the sky is over exposed. If I raise my eyes to the sky, the instruments get dark and the sky is exposed “correctly”.

Well, I would like to know how to avoid this. Although it may seem strange, I want the exposure to be controlled by me. I want to play with the over-exposed sky (which is reality) and with the instruments with “correct” exposure.


I just noticed that for the first time yesterday. Oddly enough, you can control exposure increase/decrease in the drone camera, as well as toggle it on/off in the first place-- but don’t know if that control can be used in cockpit camera as well.

Look in the cockpit for instrument panel lighting control knobs. For example: In the C172, they’re at center bottom. Just twist (eg: click the right half of) the knob to brighten things up. You’ll see the result in the adjacent gages.