Manual radio setting issues

I think the Robin DR400 radio has some kind of issue. I can’t manually set any frequency that ends in XXX.X20, XXX.X45, XXX.X70 or XXX.X95, like the videos show.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed this issue.

I don’t think there is a way to switch between 25Khz, and 8.33KHz in that plane.

I use SPAD, and external hardware to do this for me, with this:


Something of a cheat, but necessary in the UK.

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The thing is, when using the ATC, some airports have a frequency that end in one of those numbers (for example 118.620), and while I can’t tune it, using the ATC option the radio does change to that frequency.

Sorry. My knowledge on radio comms is very basic. But I thought that the same I can tune, for example, 118.610, I could do it with 118.620.

Have a look at the default 172 G1000. You will see on one of its pages the option to change your channel spacing. The default should be 25Khz. Rotate the inner COM knob, and watch the frequency change. Now switch that 25KHz to 8.33Khz. Watch how the frequencies change now.

Without this change, you can’t tune to some frequencies. You can get around the absence of this option by using the ATC menu to tune for you, or accessing SimConnect directly.

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