Map CTD North West of France

I have experiencing CTDs in the north west region of France, anyone is having this issues? i think it is not related to the last France update becouse i experienced this before. The regions are: Nantes, Le Mans, Rennes, Angers, Bordeaux. No problem with the east of France. Could be a server issue? or a map problem? Thank you.

nice to read that you can now enter into the flight. Please close your existing issue then als Solved.

And also related to this one here we REPEAT the same questions:

I have the same issue over this region of France, 3 times in a row this has happened.

Not good!

can you please open the Windows EventViewer and check for the error message ?

We have two existing main-topics if the CTD allways happens at same coords.

Very often these topic is relevant: