Map Garmin Range Knob to Bravo AP Dial

Can the range (zoom) knob of the Garmin GPS be mapped to the AP dial on the Bravo?

Lets say I want to repurpose the CRS selection on the left hand dial to adjust the Garmin Range and then twist the right hand dial to zoom in and out. Has anyone done that?

I have mapped CRS to the right hand dial as I don’t use the Bravo AP. I use the Logitech or Streamdeck, so the Bravo was free for other uses.

I don’t follow you. My goal is to adjust the range of the Garmin map screen using the bravo dial on the right when the left hand dial is set to crs.

Do you have any Garmin functions mapped to physical controls. Apologies for not understanding.

No problem. I was just saying that you CAN use the rotary for other things.

Good to know. My Bravo should come in next week I’m just trying to think of controls I use frequently and crs isn’t one of them.

What have you done with you surplus of controls?

I don’t have a surplus :slight_smile: At the moment I am commissioning a new PC (which looks like having to go back - another story) but in answer to you, I use the Streamdeck a lot, which makes the switches, displays and autopilot unnecessary, along with a couple of Logitech panels which are excellent. The Bravo crams a lot of functionality into the base unit, but is more basic.

Streamdecks are fantastic for flightsims. I don’t have one but eager to have some physical controls. Using the mouse in VR is no good.

What’s wrong with the PC?