Map of all Points of Interest, 3D Cities and Detailed Airports (w/ World Update #11 Canada)

:globe_with_meridians: Now including World Update #11 Canada :globe_with_meridians:

Greetings to all.

While I was in alpha, I created a map of all of the 3D Cities, custom built Points Of Interest (Landmarks) and all of the custom built Airports categorized by edition.

I hope it will be useful to help decide which areas of the world to explore. :slight_smile:

Follow the link above to view this map. If I have made omissions / mistakes please let me know and I will update the map.


A very nice piece of work. Thanks for having made that.

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Would be great if we could place landmark markers on the world map in-game!

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That would be real nice. Especially if you could give them a name and/or add some details.

Landmarks are already in the simulator map but only show up if you zoom in fairly close and also make sure they are enabled in the filters.

But the idea of custom markers would be really good, like your favorite airports or locations.

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I thought it would be fun to also add other unique interesting places so I created another layer called “Interesting Finds”. I just added two and will keep adding as I find the time. Of coarse suggestions on what to add is welcome.

Here are the two that I just added. When you click on them in the map, it will open up with a screenshot and information on what the nearest airport is and what direction you need to fly to find the location. :slight_smile:

You can access all this from the same link in my original post.


Very nice. Now I actually have some information about the point of interest

Awesome thanks!!

I did see someone flying around the ‘Redeemer’ statue in Rio de J - one for the list?

Hello everyone. I added one more point of interest to the map, this one created by me as a free add-on. The Guitar Hotel in Hollywood Florida, USA. Download link below. :smiley:


Hi folks. I added another POI made by me to the map. This time it is Kennedy Space Center.

Download add-on from here: Kennedy Space Center • Microsoft Flight Simulator

Enjoy :slight_smile: :rocket:


Greetings to everyone. I just updated my map to include all of the new airports and 3D cities that will be included in the free Japan World Update. Also, If you click on each airport icons on the map you’ll see a screenshot of the actual airport in the sim taken from the trailer that was released today.


Awesome work! And I only had to refresh the page, I have it as a permanent tab :smile:

Many thanks for all your hard work!

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Hello everyone. I’ve now added the points of interest included in the Japan update. I think I’ve got them all but if not please let me know and I’ll fix the map. :slight_smile: Happy flying! :small_airplane:


Hi ya are you aware you can now add custom poi,city and fauna markers to the flight sim world map using the latest sdk update are you planning on doing this?

I was thinking of maybe adding POI’s myself if you wasn’t planning to. Maybe I could add your POI’s from your maps to the flight sim world map, with your permission wouldn’t without.

Hello. The world map in the simulator already has the POI markers if you zoom in. If you do not see them there is an option to turn that ON. However they disappear from map if you zoom out a certain distance.

The purpose of my google map project is so everyone can see all of them at a glance easily and also have access to google information and pictures on the particular POI which makes it interesting to learn about any particular landmark.

The SDK was indeed updated with the ability to add a POI marker to custom scenery. I’ll update my scenery projects soon to incorporate this new feature. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Oh my bad I miss understood, I thought the POI’s on your maps were ones that aren’t included on the sims world map. Thanks for replying to me.

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There are a handful of POI on my map that are not in the simulator map. They are under the category: “Interesting Finds”. I plan on adding more when I get the time.

I just noticed the map has received 100,000 views! Wow! I am glad many are finding it helpful. :smiley:


Hi folks. I just updated my map with the confirmed hand crafted airports that will be included in the free USA World Update. This info was obtained from the live Q&A Twitch stream today.

Se possível, pode incluir outras localidades , abaixo da linha do Equador. Parabéns pelo trabalho!