Map to see Who is online and where

Hi. Just a question. I would like to know if there is a Map to see Who is online or which airports have more trafic.

On the other hand, if I’m connected in the West Europe Server, can I see the users than are connected in a USA Server?

As far as I know you can only see traffic on the server you are connected to, and would need to bounce between them to do what you want.

The green aircraft icons are often hard to spot, and you have to zoom in quite far to see them. It would be a handy option to have these represented some way at lower zoom levels. Maybe a heatmap type thing, with colour changing based on density of traffic?


im often flying in USA because there is my fseconomy airlinde where i fly mostly around atlanta and brimingham atlanta and im eu west

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To see where other aircraft are etc it requires you to be on the same multiplayer client. It does not actually depend on the server. I am on Vatsim and on the Singapore server but I can still see where every aircraft is in the world even if they are on a different server (and most are). I am pretty sure the same is for IVAO (?). There are “map” type programs like Servinfo, Vat-Spy that show every pilot AND live ATC on line around the world. However of you are using another multiplayer platform (does MSFS have it’s own via the Gamebox or something?) in which case I cannot answer as I have only connected thru Vatsim.

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I am sure I can see the same players on location when I change from one server to another.
Try it.

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