Mapping controls

I have a throttletech set and can map reve thrust, TOGA, spoliers etc, but NOT the 2 throttle axes…can anyone help?

where you’ve got Joystick R axis Y. I can’t get it to accept the axis when moving the throttle…there just no response at all. The G throttles are identified, and other keys + spoiler axis identified, but not the throttle positions.

It works in Windows Game Controllers?

Can you select the input manually like this…

it works in P3D fine and the GThrottle is recognised in MS…
just trying your suggestion below…thanks

Yes I can attach one of these to each throttle - which one though?

Pick one, validate and test on the control screen. If that doesn’t work then try another

yes did that…
can I attach screen shots to show you?

Sure, go right ahead

Here they are
The RHS shows Eng1 joystick L-axis X, and Eng2 joystick R-axis X
The LHS shows that power is delivered to No1 eng, but not No2.
hope you can see these.


Upload the screen shot via the up arrow in the message box. Your shots are to small…I cant see anything.

Another thing you could try…plug your devices lead into another USB socket, preferably in the back of your PC

ok will do…It was connected via a hub so will try
here are the pics again!


here’s a better one of the throttle set up

Re-calibrate outside of MSFS using the software that came with your device

ok will try
thanks for your help…what country are you in?