Mapping Saitek throttle quadrant

I’m a newbie using a Saitek yoke and throttle quadrant, and I’m having trouble mapping the throttle quadrant. The three controls should be on R joystick, correct? It appears my throttle works as LEFT joystick z axis, and I can’t map the other two. When I try, say R joystick Y axis for flaps, I get the message that it is “not recommended.”

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Have you had a look at the below guides for assigning your peripherals/controllers?

I hope it helps,

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Thank you–I think I figured it out by trail and error, but I’m sure the guide will be a great resource. Does the reminder to “be kind” pop up every time you reply to someone? I think I can do it without being reminded.

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I have no idea! :grinning: It might be an automatic reminder from the forum software. Better ask the mods about that. And may also be present due to your current level at the forums. I don’t get that reminder.

Anyway, glad you got it working!

I’m a very old flight simmer and just want to say I too had initial problems with the same equipment.

Don’t lose heart; onward and upward!