March 16, 2023 Development Update Discussion

Most likely yes… It’s a process. The more you interrupt a process, the longer it tends to take. It also has to do with the process of uploading and releasing software. It’s not a “it’s ready, press a button” thing. Not only are there software version issues, but also Marketing concerns as well.

What advantage do you see in having multiple items released weekly? I can’t say I really see any, but I’m interested in your opinion.

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Well, since I’m on Xbox we don’t have any other option to buy stuff then the Marketplace. If I see what’s in the backlog, i personality can’t wait for a quicker process. For instance, I am waiting for livery packs from a certain developer who has submitted these items in November… It would be nice to finally seeing them released. Same goes for certain airports. Again, on Xbox we are very limited.


How does releasing items more often than once per week help you? It seems like you want them to reduce the backlog faster, which releasing more than once a week won’t help. People can only do so much work, releasing more than once / week would likely increase their work load (because they’re doing more tasks than they do now (the same ones more often)), so I don’t think it would help.

Passing testing on to the developers should hugely reduce their workload, so hopefully in a couple months you should be happier as products pass through the induction process faster.

(Of course there’s the issue that that there might be more issues with products on initial release, but, then again, there might be fewer, we don’t know. I think the bigger problem is that this forces developers to purchase an Xbox for release of Xbox products. Hopefully the number of products released for Xbox doesn’t decline. My bet is it won’t, there’s a lot of money there waiting.)


This is right when you’re talking about planes, airports ect.But for those liveries i mentioned, there’s not much testing needed. He already released several other packages, the ones he submitted could be released as we speak.


It seems like what we really need is just more released each Thursday. The number of items seems, at times, paltry.


I understand how you feel, but, don’t underestimate the work required. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.

I work in supply chain, most people have no idea what it takes to keep the shelves of their local stores stocked with goods. Of course Covid exposed the weaknesses to a degree, and we’re still feeling the reverberations of that 3 years later.

You’re right, though, the new process should help products come to the Marketplace faster. It’s going to take some time as they still have to get through the current backlog. I just don’t see having multiple releases per week as being an answer. As @NixonRedgrave mentioned, hopefully we’ll see more items released per cycle now with the new process.

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I know what your talking about and can confirm ive been beta testing the hangars due for release :+1:t2:

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Hi, the dev stream says 9:30am pacific time. You then say that’s London at 5:30pm. ITS NOT! Pacific time is only 7 hours behind because their clocks went forward 2 weeks before Europe.
Therefore the correct time in London would be 4:30pm, if the stream starts 9:30am pacific time.

I noticed this “error” too. By GMT it would be noon here in Brazil, but by Pacific time it is one o’clock in the afternoon. In this case the launch time is 16:00Z.

This has been addressed here:


So the classic “to remove or to not remove community folder” is that still relevant today? Been a while since we used to get SU every other month

From a developer’s point if view they probably are different products.

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Why on earth don’t they announce times in Zulu by default?

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They should just do it in NZ time as thats where time begins every day​:rofl::rofl::rofl: but hear me out… at least it will be straightforward and easy to work out… just gotta count backwards, starting with eastern Australia being 2/3 hours behind pending on daylight saving… and Hawaii being basically 24 hours behind

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Aviation uses Zulu time by default. Anything else is silly.

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I do. For a couple of reasons.

Over time Asobo’s code gets better at catching poorly written routines. For instance back at SU2 or something, they got better at catching errors in the manifest.json and people were wondering why their packages weren’t showing up.

Also, the content.xml file can get “messy” over time as new packages are added and it’s not sorted.

So, to make sure the base installation was installed properly without having to deal with errors in my Community Packages, and also to “reset” my content.xml, yes, I like to rename my Community directory and create an empty one. That way the content.xml gets rewritten at the bottom end, and I can test my base install without interference from other packages. And then when I reload my Community directory, it all gets sorted again and rewritten afresh.

Sadly, Asobo / Microsoft (I don’t know who), chose to put Marketplace purchases in the base install, and made it super difficult to “turn them off”, and they also can be rife with errors. I understand there’s a difference between how Marketplace packages and Community packages are handled, but I do wish there was a “Marketplace” directory like the “Community” directory so they were more easily managed.

Every time I load packages I have to check them for errors. Because the code is so poorly documented, soooo many developers use the VFS improperly and cause problems with the software for instance. And there are lots of other errors, too that happen. It’s a wonder why there aren’t more CTD’s people experience.

I hope someday soon, too, we get better content.xml management and it fully allows users to sort ALL packages, instead of just OneStore packages, and then Community packages, as well as turn things off and on more easily.


I thought this was deprecated a couple SU’s ago. Does the sim still use it?

As far as I know. It’s how the software keeps track of everything that’s loaded. They did create an editing tool, but, it’s pretty limited in how it can be used as far as I know. They do have plans to upgrade it.