Market Grayed out since update 16th

After screen froze on load up screen 17th, would not load Red error message
YOUVE USED UP YOUR 48GB OF 50GB. SO RE INSTALLED Cleard 1 livery from community folder, when new install got to screen of error message , an option to. Quote!!
Would you like to OVER RIDE 48gb memory. I clicked Yes, and i m now up and flying again. BUT, I HAVE A GRAYED OUT MARKET, i have no ATC voice sound, despite resetting, and saving. Will i get my pay ware twin engine Carrndo 44 back.
Please DEVs this is a fantastic flt sim. Thank you.
But why cant we have a choice, whether we want, challenges, supper realism, some of us are happy as is, what we have now is far superior to X plane in every way, except zibos mod. All upgrade from this moment in time should be A Beta up date with all warnings about loading at your discretion, any one any advice on how I can get back my ATC sound
Many thx