Market Place Buy buttons grayed out

Any one know why the buy buttons would be grayed out in the market place. I have the steam version of FS2020.
I have tried many things over the past 3 days and cannot fix it.

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For whatever reason it’s not sending you the latest hotfix patch, you’re on a previous version. Same thing happened to me.

Here’s a clue… don’t buy it till its available!

If MS Store is down that would indicate “Don’t Buy” . As we live in a very dependent World of Cloud Based Purchases.

Edit: Server Down Detector!

Is there a way to see if I’m missing a hotfix like @zipduck says?

Stupid!!! I just did a verify files in steam and now it is doing a complete reinstall download of 109GB of data.

Please post if that fixes the problem or not. Re-downloading is a nuisance, but what can you do…

You can try to file a Zendesk ticket (marketplace category). For some users they do a server side account fix, others they stonewall.

You can also try the alternate account work around. Log in to MSFS with an alternate account, download the free DLC, then log back in to your regular account. Not sure if you can purchase anything that way.

A 149GB downloaded later and NO I can still not purchase anything from the marketplace.
Zendesk is not answering my requests. Is there another place to submit a support ticket?

I wish there was. A few days ago they told me they were “looking into to it”, and then silence. I guess they don’t want us to buy anything further from them. Who knows why.

Just for something to try as I’m getting no help from microsoft or Asobo I went into Steam and Microsoft store and change my payment to a different card…Donj’t waste your time as it did nothing to fix the issue.

I’m starting to wonder if this “bug” is on purpose…

If my wife was doing the code work this would be a feature.

Zendesk made a change to my account and my Buy buttons are now working. Not sure what they changed but I hope it holds.

Yes, same here. I hope that’s the last of this bug.

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I also have this problem. And I can´t even download freeware stuff like the UK update.

Start a ticket with Zendesk. They should send you a reply with things to try.

If those don’t work/don’t apply, send them a response saying so.

They should then apply a server side fix.

Be aware this process may not be quick; be patient.

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Still having this problem. Really frustrating. Zendesk ticket sent, no reply.

I know to fix mine I had to kill every task that was not required and then it worked, then I started adding tasks back in until it failed and found the problem. Took some time but have not had a problem sense. I should add that I have the steam version and the problem was when I would press buy it just went off into neverland. I also had the issue where the buy button was greyed out and the Zendesk fixed that.

just had exactly the same problem - i thought it was a result of some failed purchases (due to my steam overlay not working) but really don’t know whats causing it…

have raised a zendesk help ticket as its stopping me from downloading the latest UK world update!! - seems you need to “buy” it from the market place for it to work…?

I found in the options under General, Data, that the online functionality was switched off.
I definitely didn’t do that.
After I switched it on again, market place was back again.

thanks already checked this and was never switched off (note also this seems to give you no access to the marketplace - rather than just a greyed out buy button