Market place unavailable (December 24, 2021)

Anyone having issues connecting to MSFS right now. Getting an error on the serves and Market place is unavailable.


Same issue here. Any idea to solve?

No problem in Florida.

Working fine in Texas too.

Here in U. K. Connect OK but no marketplace been like it for about a month… Purchase button greyed out

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You have to start MSFS the normal way. In other words do not start it as Administrator. I had this issue the other day. Restarting normal fixed it for me.

When you mean start the normal way, not as administrator could you clarify that for me, not sure what you mean. I normally start my xbox flights by pressing the xbox button on my hotas one joystick that takes me to my login page on xbox then I click on the flightsim icon… But when you say restart flightsim you mean from fresh start with the looking for update page… Done all that still no joy?

I am getting this error a lot.

The marketplace came and went a bunch of times yesterday for me - but the outage was for a minute or two.

Servers down making me offline and Marketplace greyedout 6/1/22 Thursday anyone else experiencing this Xbox is connected and performing perfectly

I am experiencing the same on xbox. I can access market but the “buy” option is opaque and I can’t select anything to download. Not even the free stuff.

Any ideas what’s going on?

I keep hearing that there are other places to purchase these planes and scenery. Since the store has gone completely Kaput I have been looking for alternative places to buy things. I checked into buying the Carenado C337 from the Carenado sight but it seems like it’s not the Carenado from the store. I am not sure.

It’s $29.00 from this site but I’m not concerned about the price. I just want to make sure that it’s the same as in the store.
So maybe if I purchase it from there I will start a thread for alternate ways to just cut out the lousy Microsoft store. If Microsoft doesn’t want to fix this then I’m glad not to give any more $$ to them.
Anyone who has bought Microsoft store stuff from other sites can just post the web address for the rest of us to buy it all from sites that actually work.

It is as I thought. The Carenado above is FSX and will not work in MSFS. Boy…When Microsoft decides to mess something up…They go all out. This is unacceptable. I guess I will have to start giving them the treatment that I gave to DCS. They haven’t gotten a penny out of me in years because they don’t fix these issues. This store problem isn’t new. They should have taken care of it by now.

I have been trying to buy from market place but I have the same problem I have tried everything but no go, Added a different card to pay , still no sell. Download buy greyed out. I cant buy the 337 from anywhere else. Help please