Marketplace and live Weather

Anyone could explain why the last few times I tried to play MSFS 2020 the marketplace is always offline, and I cannot get live weather. What I am not doing or forgot to do. HELP

Options, data.
Make sure everything is on

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Temporary reason…

With Live weather, try little bit wait but if weather doesn’t appear after 1min it is problem. For sure, try compare with other webs real weather observations what weather you can expect at your position at that time.

This helped me (and others in the forum, where I read this hint ) :
I had the same “problem” at Xmas. The software changes these settings sometimes
without letting you know.

Hopefully you can fly again like IR now again !
bye, walter

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Mystery Data is set to OFF sometimes…
I believe what happens or how it happens may be better way to say it:

-All data is on, everything is good & you’re flying. Then the connection is lost/slow and the warnimg message pop up states you’ve been switched to off line mode.
Usually, it’s just a server burp and will reset data options when the connection returns, the message popup says your online again.

But if you get switched to offline mode and then exit msfs before it returns, you’ll find the data options are set to off, upon the next start of msfs.