Marketplace buying and downloading is not possible

As the title suggests, it is not possible to buy or download something in the marketplace, someone has the problem and knows a solution?

yes the same for me 'til yesterday night

Is the marketplace “grayed” out?

No, only the buy and download button

Have a look here, it may help.

All versions - Buy & Download button is grayed out – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

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That link worked for me during the Thanksgiving sale.

I think after a quick resume I tried to make a purchase and that gunked things up. Ended up having to submit a ticket when it didn’t clear up. They fixed it in 24 hours.

I can tell you what the problem was for me and how did I fix it. i was always able to buy, but when I downloaded the latest addon linker, I started the sim from it and I could not pay for anything because the window was grey out. I closed the addon linker and restarted the computer and voila! problem solved.

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