Marketplace downloaded and installed aircraft not showing in My Hanger

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Marketplace downloaded the free Working Title Cessna Citation Longitude.
Installed it. Aircraft not showing in My Hanger

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Go to Marketplace. Select the Longitude. Download and insta…

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this soooooooooo basic. it shouldn’t be this troublesome – having to make a bug report for just wanting to use Asobo’s user interface to install an aircraft for Asobo’s Marketplace borders on the ridiculous.

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I don’t think you’ll get new airplane in your hangar, it is the same Cessna Citation Longitude you already have but “enhanced”.
I have the standard MSFS edition and just have 1 CJ4 in my hangar after AAU1.

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Hi @dvhowell1106,

Make sure you have the premium deluxe package (which is around $100 USD in the marketplace) as this aircraft comes with it.

What I think you are downloading is the Enhanced version of the plane (which doesn’t add a new aircraft to your fleet) as @DementedCorn327 said :smiley:

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This may also help:

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Thx for the enlightenment all. Frustrating that they would include items that are not part of the package I purchased; or at least warn Regards

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