Marketplace Encrypted Files - Unlock or Remove Encryption including Premium and Deluxe Aircraft

I would also like to see the premium aircraft available as individual purchases in the store. But opening the files would be a great move from Asobo.

Well looks like our Wishlist item is officially snubbed with the 12 November 20 update skipping this request and pushing items with less votes above this request. I guess this is Microsoft’s official way of saying NO.

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It’s not the only thread omitted from the Feedback Snapshot, “Ai Traffic Needs Fixing Wishlist Thread” and “Bring back Clouds previous to update 5” are also missing. Hopefully it just means that this snapshot is a few days old, otherwise this situation would be very unfortunate.

This is the second update in a row that they chose to ignore and based on the number of votes shown in the update you can tell the wishlist was recently updated. They specifically choose to ignore these items.

Got my vote too. The various mods released for the standard aircraft are absolutely top notch, so I dont see why Asobo would not want to open that to the premium aircraft to let the community take a load off the shoulders.

That annoyed me as well, when watching the Q&A. the" AI Traffic causing CTD" was next on the list, when they skipped to another list !!!

However, looking forward to the next Q&A video. The cost of purchaser MSFS is more than covered by the entertainment MSFS offers, in particular the Q&A videos.


I submitted a new question for next week’s Dev Q&A on modding the premium deluxe aircraft. Please upvote! A similar question made it into the top 10 last month, but Jayne didn’t ask it!

It is crazy how ASABO filters the wishlist. Again, our wish with more than 300 votes is not on the list, but other wishes with only 180 votes are in (maybe “easy ones”). Is this serious business? At least a comment in this thread by a ASABO representative would be more than ordinary right now.
Otherwise we can stop voting and writing stuff here if it will be permanently ignored in case it is an “unpleasant” issue.
Sorry for that, but I am also a software developer and know what I’m talking about. Ignoring and deliberately overlooking customer’s input and needs are never good…


You dont have to write them from scratch, all the .cfg files are stored in system memory.

Maybe we can hide such question inside another question… Like… Will there be trains? I like trains and could you not pack the .cfg files for premium stuff? :clown_face:

Jayne said that she will ask Asobo regarding the missing threads from the Feedback Snapshot. We might have an answer later today.

totally getting my vote i pais extra to have the ability to fly the 787 but it is so buggy. Considering people spend almost twice the amount as the standard version surely those premium planes should be at the top of their game but they are not which im sure its not just me that can say they wish they got what they paid for

When the free planes how for FSX make to developpers!

When to see free planes how to FSX§

I would be far more impressed with the Q&A sessions, if an Independent Guest Host, hosted the Q&A sessions, and not Microsoft .
people like Youtube Squirrel, or leading Addon developers.

Lest face it, some of the Q&A questions are, well to put it nicely) Trival in the big picture.
Just because they got Voted high (by a very sample percentage of MSFS owners), does not necessarily give them merit over more basic and fundamental issue questions.

It’s currently a case of :
The Squeeky “most vocal” Wheel, gets the “Snake” oil.

So, the biggest reason I have a hard time trimming any of the planes is I can’t feel it, so I can’t figure out how far to turn the wheel. I don’t know how to address that in the simulator.

I am able to trim both of the C-172’s for level flight with some effort, though, so, I’m not sure what the issue is? Perhaps that’s why Asobo may not be addressing the issue, if they can get it trimmed in their testing, what’s there to fix?

Unless the AP is having an issue, then, I get that, the AP’s got to be adjusted in that case. I don’t use AP, so I wouldn’t know about that.

Start saving for :

You have Plane “owner groups” that get together and share ownership of a plane.

How about “Flight Simulator” group Ownerships ?


That would be cool :slight_smile:

If I have a Local Friend who has a Home Cockpit simulator like this, I would make sure I was his “Best Friend”

Ironically, I nearly went to work for a major Commercial Flight Simulator company, when I left University, but at that time, I was not that heavily into Aviation, and had not yet caught “the Flying Bug / Addiction” - but I still went to work for a major Aerospace Company.

It took a British Airways Pilot to take me up in a small Ga Plane, for me to instantly get the addiction, and blow all my savings to get a PPL.


so no news yet?