Marketplace Holiday Sale Discussion

What Third-Party Add-Ons are you Guys going to purchase in the Marketplace for the Holiday Sale?

Just added the Embraer 100 (40% off!), Edinburgh EGPH, Sumburgh EGPB. Was looking at the spitfire at -20% too, but it’s the older version, & who knows how long the latest version will take to arrive in the in game marketplace. Some nice looking airports on sale though. Pyreegue’s EGPH (at £12.49GBP) is a must for anyone who doesn’t have it already, absolutely stunning.


EGPH, and I’ve barely scratched the surface looking around. It’s a work of art -


Until the sim is fixed


Got me the Embraer, SKCC, SKPS and SKMZ.

The Andes in Colombia and Venzuela are among my favourite places to fly.


Nothing yet I’m holding off on these until they get updated . I have found so many airports not compatible with the new beta builds and CTDs especially for the Xbox X and S users .


Could you add them to the spreadsheet that’s being compiled? It’ll help others.


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LVFR’s LEBL - Barcelona tempting but it looks too complex to not cause issues on Series S.

Really wish LVFR, Flight beam, Pyregee or Pilot Plus could do EGKK and EGSS.


I really hope updates come through tomorrow, especially DLC that has been waiting months.

Especially the Hibashi Season packs that have received around 5 updates since the latest marketplace update.

External vendors which provide proof of purchase receipts and who’s add-ons get updated faster and still appear as owned and available for use even when Microsoft’s servers fall over will be having sales too.

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I’ll probably pickup the Embraer 110, 40% off ($20 I believe) is hard to pass up.

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The latinvfr airports all look worth it for the discounts


Looks like it will be an expensive night for me :slight_smile:

I really love a lot of the stuff on sale!!

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all!!

Hope this new year bring us relief from this COVID bad dream that we have been living for the last two years.

Buy some stuff and Happy Flying to all in 2022!!!


I’m stocking up on South America! Well, also Hawaii and a few other places.


impossible to buy anything, I only receive PURCHASE ERROR

Wow, 40% off the Embraer 110. That’s two fingers given to the people who bought the plane on release, just a week ago. Cruel. Enjoying the rest of the sale all the same.


None. I will start buying addons when the main core components of the sim (autopilots, ATC, weather, UI) are 95% fixed.


Until they speed up the process so that we won’t wait several weeks or even months for addon update or new aircraft and add simple disable addon function without uninstall, so selected addons are not loaded upon launching the game and push load times into obscurity, there will be no further markeplace buy for me. It’s really pity, I liked the idea.


I avoid the marketplace, till they have sorted their updating issues.
I got a few products there earlier, and whenever there is an Update because SU break the Mod, it takes weeks till the update hits the marketplace, while it is available on external shops within days.

So the only things for me to get at the Marketplace are those that cant be bought anywehere else ( like Reno Air Races)…

But else: no marketplace for me

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Is Aerosoft CRJ not on sale?