Marketplace items quality

I am disgusted from quality of items on (Xbox) Marketplace.
I purchased Enhanced Airport Graphics which still does not work as claimed in add-on description (even after WU 6).
Two weeks ago I purchased PA28R ARROW III. But even this airplace have issues with lights and now even with that ugly tablet on the yoke.
On Saturday I bought Switzerland Mesh. And it is worst experience I had. Games started to be freeze every 10-15 seconds when flying over Alps.
I really do not uderstand why 1 year after release of MSFS there are only few items on the Marketplace with so terrible quality.
Do they test it before publishing?
This quality make me stay away from next purchases.
I am very sad from this status.

Do you have similar experience from Marketplace items or I am weird?

Thank you.


In the marketplace, you can find a lot of trash (don’t ask us which one).
Before buy something read the forum and/or watch some review on YT or twitch (but only from serious streamers like TheFlyingFabio or TwotoneMurphy).


Rule #1 don’t buy from the market place.


Check the reviews before you buy. Majority of the add-ons in the marketplace are scams.


The issue is that as soon as the sim opened for business, people were starving for addon content. Devs at the beginning rushed to put out pretty-looking / interesting-sounding addons to capitalize on that frenzy as well as the fact that there wasn’t much other competition in the relatively barren addon market. Those addons were anything but good. But the damage was done, the impatient side of the community rewarded that kind of work with their hard earned cash and as a result the very same addon devs were driven to release even more garbage surface level addons since. Thus flooding the market with sub par content. The cycle was born. To answer your question, that’s why it’s like that.

Good addons will come, the addon market for this sim will mature, just as it did for all sims before it. But until then you need to start making more of an effort to look at review videos before you buy.


Again, stay away from the market place for the time being. Alot of conversations on this already.


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