Marketplace, Live Weather, and Bush Trips Legs Not Logging (logbook also)

I just ZenDesked Bush Trips. Before the patch I was about halfway through the Santorini one. It picked back up where I left off but when I landed at the next airport it didn’t register it. It also didn’t log the hours in the log book.

I also reported live WX. It is completely broke still. Didn’t even get to winds aloft as it doesn’t matter when you have the wrong altimeter, clouds, temp, etc.

Marketplace still instantly blocks any attempt to purchase. I’ve tried all the hacks in the FAQs, still a no go.

It appears that more stuff may have got broke than fixed in this build. I’d like to ask ASOBO to maybe take a breath and take their time on this. Let’s get the core sim features up and running and go from there. You really don’t want to bring in a bunch of new users just to blow them out a few weeks later.