Marketplace liveries and copyright/trademark law

So Asobo needs contracts signed to provide real life liveries, but Bredok3d can just upload a pack of 4 for a fiver? Have they got their own permissions from the airlines in question to profit from the imagery?

Same question applies for other livery mods on the marketplace; static aircraft mod, etc. Just wondering how this works from a legal point of view, or if it’s a matter of time before it’s no longer allowed on the marketplace.


yes exactly. thanks for making this topic, Xbox user here, with little to no real options. I just made a comment about this on another forum. I don’t understand either. also other flight sims have easily implemented hundreds of liveries such as infinite flight etc. I did see that marketplace has a new liveries section so does that mean other developers will add more liveries to buy? a custom/real livery maker in the sim like Forza horizon or other games/sims would be ideal I don’t see how they couldn’t make that work. would be a game changer

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When Asobo talk of contracts being signed, maybe its just to give permission for 3rd parties to sell official liveries via the marketplace?

yes it seems like that is what is. I saw the last dev q&A and it was said they are perhaps considering a livery maker in-game but its not a priority unfortunately. so now as this new livery section is implemented in marketplace looks like it will be 3rd parties selling liveries for now

The airlines probably do not see it as worth the trouble to sue any small company because they publish their livery without permission, but if Microsoft were to do so … My God, then they would send all the lawyers they had with lawsuits.

I’m happy every day not getting any mail from the C I A because I have illegal activities all over the world with my Air America PC-6 Porter

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