Marketplace not working?

Is anyone else having a problem buying anything from the Marketplace? I’m trying to buy the Carenado 182 and when I push the buy/download button it just says pending. Same message at the top right next to my avatar. Is this a bug or an issue with my xbox account or am I just missing something? Help please? Thanks


Same here. Says purchase failed.

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Mine says the same, except I have been charged, shows as paid in my Microsoft shop account, yet I am unable to download and install it.

Trying to get help or seek a refund sends you to useless info pages and never to an actual online help or human contact.

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I read that if you bought it via Steam (I have the Windows Store version), you must enable the Steam overlay and then it lets you purchase. Also check you region settings in Windows are correct (another user had that issue).

I am having the same problem trying to return my purchase of FS 2020. I paid $120 for it and when I tried to download and install it on release, it just simply did nothing except try to get me to buy it again! So I went to Steam and bought it there and it work as it should. Trying to get my refund from MS now. You can’t get a human on the phone or even in chat! So I filed a ticket, after wasting over an hour of my life going in circles on the website, and now I’m wait to get an email or some sort of response. It’s been 3 days and I’m not holding my breathe because…well…MICROSOFT! Such BS!!

Same here purchase failed before I even get to sign in or pick a payment option.

If you have the STEAM version, make sure the Steam overlay is enabled.

Steam in the menu > Settings > In-Game tab > Check Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.

If you don’t it will just sit at purchase pending for eternity.

It’ll pop up the normal Steam window to buy stuff.

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Log out of your account and then log back in the sim.

Steam overlay solved the issue for me. Thanks everyone :+1:

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It’s not just with steam, I got fs2020 directly from the MS store and it wont let me purchase or download from the in-sim store.

exactly the same

You need to enable the steam in game overlay then it will work

i have the microsoft store version of fs2020.
i want to buy a scenery but when i push the button a window open and close immediatly.impossible to buy anything directly from the game.

[SOLVED] GUYS! Im using Windos Store version… Was finally able to purchase and download after starting the SIM via Xbox BETA. I know we can only fix it on starting, using windows store, but once u open trough XBOX BETA, it works, for me at least. Dont know why, maybe some comm issue.

You might have to wait til September 1st at the earliest, I’ve learned.

A message on the ORBX site from yesterday reads:
“We have just been informed that due to technical reasons outside our control, pending updates and new releases in the in-sim MSFS Marketplace have been delayed until at least 1 September.”

So I think the Marketplace is currently experiencing some problems.

it happened to me but after it said failed it just worked, its cause they rushed the sim.

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