"Marketplace" option is not available (Greyed out)

The latest update must have installed while my I was away from the PC, but since it did install I cannot enter the Marketplace. The option is greyed out. I went to the Microsoft store and it shows that the product is updated and installed.

This has been discussed several times – not an issue w/ latest update, but it happens when your connection drops. Check out forums for additional help on it.

I did move the Communities folder and rebooted, but still no luck. I could not find any additional help.

you’re certain your connection to Microsoft Store/Xbox Store (whatever it’s called) is good? Try clicking on your profile in top-right, sign out, sign back in.

I did, and now I still have no Marketplace and the sim CTD every time I try to start.

Is it possible for me to delete the whole program and re-download and start over? If so, how do I do that?
Thanks a lot,

Same here, no Marketplce, I ‘almost’ reinstalled MSFS, several logout/login, then I read ‘my Marketplace came back after a couple of days’ so I stopped trying, and now Marketplace is just back … pff

Just now I had a windows10 update, clicked MSFS, message 'MSFS is not installed, click ‘re-install and new will be downloaded’, ignored this message, clicked MSFS again, and MSFS started … pffffffffff

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