Marketplace out

Hello fellow simers. i was wondering if anyone else’s marketplace is unavailable.

its been about a week now

Go to general options> data and check if online services are ON

If @DegxI 's suggestion doesn’t work, on that same page turn off Online Functionality, then click save, then turn it back on, then save, then restart the sim.

If the marketplace is still greyed out, contact support at the link below so they can check your account - you may have had an issue with a previous transaction.

Thank you all for your help!

It was, the online services that was turned off

Plz mark the answer as solution as this will help others find it easier! Tx!

Gosh! I’v got it out of the track just after update 9 !!
I attempted a purchase (Moscow landmarks from Da%$/&ski) and purchase failed. Since then, everytime I open the simulator there’s a message warning that Marketplace will be available soon! Please, if you happen to solve the problem let me know how !!

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