Marketplace (owned add-ons)

In the full catalogue of the MarketPlace, there is an option to hide owned add-ons… fine. BUT, why the filter to show already owned add-ons is not available ? Imagine you need to reinstall some of the add-ons you already purchased, how can you quickly see all of them ? Such painful right now !

I know you can access these in the content manager but why not add a filter option in the Marketplace too ?


I suspect there’s no filter in the Marketplace as there’s no need for one. You can view owned content in the Content Manager area.


Another thing I wish for is a way for the Marketplace to detect that you’ve purchased an addon from the developer - i.e. - you purchase an addon directly from ORBX, and later becomes available in the Marketplace - it shows available for purchase - I’ve accidentally purchased the same addon twice.
I keep a list handy, especially after world updates when I have to reinstall the payware addons that I’ve purchased from other sites.

That would be impossible as the Marketplace isn’t a free store and MS gets commissions (I believe) …

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