Marketplace price are in Thai baht

I dont know why but since month the prices in Marketplace in MSFS are show in Thailand money.

Where can I change it?


Is this on PC or XBox?

Personal Accounts

Since your access to Marketplace is determined by your XBox Gaming Account, which is underlaid by your Microsoft Account, you may want to check that your Microsoft Account’s Country or Region hasn’t been changed from whatever region you’re supposed to be in.

If there’s an XBox Console specific setting, hopefully someone with the Console can suggest other settings to check.

I setted correctly my country or region in Microsoft Account’s Country
Only in Xbox I hadn’t set my location. I did it and will see if prices are comeback in CAD.

You may need to log out of the XBox account on both the website and then the sim and come back in.

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I changed xbox location and still have same problem.

At this point, I recommend opening a Zendesk Ticket and seeing what they come back with.

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Could it be that you are using a VPN that might have connected to a Thai server?

This was going to be my question as well.

No my VPN is closed and I never set it on Thai server

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Problem was there. I dont remember when I set Thailand as County or region. But I correct it and its ok now. Maybe I change it to avoid the taxe :joy:

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Hang on. You can choose the currency in the Marketplace by simply charging the OS!?

I wonder if you can leverage the currency markets this way.

Maybe. I dont know how MSFS set the value of different currencies. it something to check…