Marketplace purchase and installed airport EDDH is not showing up

I purchased EDDH by SimWings in MSFS Marketplace and installed it. It shows up as Installed in content manager but old default airport loads in the simulator.

Opening Packages window in Developer Menu shows the eddh airport as Unmounted with Registered | Restricted | Forbidden.

Can anyone help me solve this?

Try signing out then signing back in again.
Restart game.

(Marketplace purchases need to be validated through online DRM, it’s possible that a server connection drop out etc can cause this to glitch, if that validation doesn’t happen access is restricted)

If this does not resolve the issue you should check the Zendesk support FAQ and open a support ticket.

Topic moved to #bugs-and-issues:miscellaneous for marketplace issues.

Thanks. Did multiple times. Also deleted and re-installed multiple times. No luck. Opened ticket with Zendesk. Thanks anyways.

For those who are facing similar issue, my problem was my clock was not syncing to correct timezone and hence the DLC were not getting activated during MSFS start. Problem went away after I synced my PC clock.