MarketPlace Purchase

I am unable to purchase additional airports via the Marketplace. Do I need to buy Xbox credits first?

I think it’s likely the servers are under extreme load right now, i have the same issue and will try again later

I bought 1 scenery from MarketPlace and another from Central. Both do not see purchases on someone else’s site.

How to purchase the VC ?

I purchased KDEN last night with no problem. I’ve never known about Xbox Credits.

I have a question though. When 3rd party developers begin rolling out compatible stuff, will they be adding it to the marketplace ?

I’m trying to buy the CARENADO but each time it says “purchase failed”.

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l`m getting the same problem…

Speaking of marketplace, what is a FlightSim Credit? Anyone know?

I wish I knew ! Tried to Google it but I guess that’s too new.

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LOL l saw that l`m not sure, it might be related to having credit somewhere else and they might take credit if you have it…

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But how…how … ? :slight_smile:

Wish they would fix it…

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I’m trying to get in touch with someone who bought the Carenado and made the first very youtube video about it (using ms fs 2020). Let’s see if he answers me.

But this has been down for awhile now, couldnt buy anything yesterday.
But also noticed the marketplace keeps greying out, so i think they were trying to fix it l hope.

I had the same issue. Please make sure that you are logged into your PC with the same Microsoft Account you purchased MSFS with.

It seems like a way for MSFS to categorize all the different currencies. Practically speaking, you pay in your local currency.

If you notice the Marketplace is greying out, restarting MSFS usually corrects it.

From what I’ve read, it seems that all 3rd party content will be featured in the MarketPlace. However, you can also buy directly from most 3rd party developers. The advantages being that perhaps you’ll get faster access to updates, I.e, Flightbeam, and discounts if you own similar content for other sims, I.e., Orbx.

Come on guys how about an update to why we still cant buy from the marketplace.
its now for me been 2 days.
l have even logged out of the sim and re logged in, and still nothing wont let me buy


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Same on my end. Purchase failed, a small wondow opened up for 1 sec and than closed again. Top right corner the info ring said, that my purchase failed. Cant buy anything via marketplace

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