Marketplace Rating Not Being Retained

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Marketplace purchase/owned product ratings not being retained.

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Select desired Rating (star 1-5) and chose ok. The selected rating is now shown and it does show the desired rating.
-However, with the next restart of msfs, all ratings are removed.
The “Rate This” is available again, with no previous rating shown.
-This applies to all/any content purchased/owned, in any catagory (Highlights,Aircraft,Airport,World,Activities) with $, world updates, free content.
-User name/account has never been changed/altered. Originally a MS Store purchase/install on day one of msfs. Never in any beta. Current build

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Unkown sorry, but I first noticed this back in April 2022 post
-Maybe similar or same report as Missing reviews

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The first rating entry is added to the the total rating count and the total rating count does retain that count.
Subsequent saves do not add to the total count (good thing).