Marketplace sales... * Looks at crédit card * "stop it! its already dead!"

Gonna buy that Mooney & TNCM airport

What will you buy?

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Which ones of the six planes are on sale?

There are so many good ones out there that I’m so torn.

I wanna get them all, but I can’t because my credit card will hate me. And I can’t pick what not to get!

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Mooney, Seminole, Skylane. Long-Ez, Kitfox and the Jabiru are not on sale.

Only airports and scenery on sale then…

The Mooney is on sale. I tried to buy it and the site says the sale did not go through.

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I bought it without any problem

wanna buy quite a few things. will come back here and list 'em once purchased. Need some more big airports to fly the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ to :slight_smile:

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i had a similar problem a couple of hours ago , the sale failed whilst trying to purchase Barcelona airport after it took my money , so i rebooted the sim and it was downloading , try that , now its all good
Hope you got your purchase ok?

Already bought. KEYW

and TNCM yet to fly into with new software. Will be nice to see changes.

I just bought KSAN to get my Ron Burgundy fix.


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