Marketplace site

Is there a site where we can see all the items available in MSFS without launching the simulator?

No, it can only be accessed via the sim.
I’d also love to check prices and sales via a web browser, not sure why they are hiding that.

Is the Marketplace grayed out for anyone right now? It was available yesterday but not today for me. I closed and re-opened the sim multiple times, cleared my community folder, and have logged out and logged back in to the Microsoft Store and still no luck.

There doesnt seem to be any issue reported on Xbox Support
Maybe some ms servers are having issues and dont show up there.
Did you try this:

If it doesnt work, I’d suggest to try again in a few hours.

Didn’t try it today, but since the beta tests apparently start today, maybe there is some background work going on.
If the rest of the online functionality is working for you, it’s probably disabled for some reason.

So stubit not to have a site just to see what is available and then you can purchased it via the Marketplace inside the sim.

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Here, I made a wishlist topic on it. Go vote if you want to see it implemented

I think you can see it only via the sim.

Closing topic as currently the only way to view is in-game.
As @Nerbulus posted, there is now a wishlist on it.

I’ve also brought this up to the Community Managers as the Marketplace is Microsoft controlled and not the developers.