Marketplace - Sort by newest

Imagine in a year when we will have tens or hundreds of addons in the marketplace.
It will be a nightmare to search between these large icons.
The A<Z or Z<A search options are only useful if you already know the product you want to purchase.
But isn’t the goal to discover new content?
It would be so helpful to be able to see the newest releases if we want to.

Agreed. Also wish it would display download / install size prior to purchase.


Just bumping to promote voting.

As more addons are released this is becoming very usefull to quickly scan for new products in the marketplace.

Since this topic becomes more important the more products are in marketplace, I would like to bring this to attention again.

Agree and also add an option to search by continent or country! It is extremely difficult to find anything and some times you see a mix of stuff from different folders, very confusing.